Fashion Empire in the Making

Fashion Empire in the Making

Monday, November 29, 2010 The Tree, The Bird, The Boy

I've had an obessession with tailored shorts and simple slouchy basic v-necks. In my place, Texas is hot all year-round and occasionally there are some cold fronts to bust out the trench coats and scarves, but here's a simple look; like a school boy which I am :)

Bais V-neck- Gap
Woven leather belt- Thrift Store
The Original Khaki Short- Gap
Suede Combat Boots- Urban Outfitters
Bird two-tone necklace- Room Clothing

I'm just a boy recovering from unbalanced horomones and perfectionist policies with big dreams of becoming a fashion designer!

The Underground: Vintage Collection

The pink and white chiffon dresses were remade from orginal vintage dresses from the 70's.

This was my inspiration: Inspiration- 70’s Chloe, French Vogue 70’s,Los Angeles, Studio 54, the faux peasant life of Marie Antionette, Lily Allen-The Fear, Animal Collective, Javlin, Atlas Sound, Hot Chip

Model- Laura Longoria
Photographer-Angeli Ymbong
Assistant- Beatrix Garcia


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Here's a quick glimpse of a mini collection I did recyling vintage pieces. I was inspired by the lightness and the earthyness of the 70's. Everything was innocent and real for the time, which is something I think we all long for. Everything's so fast paced that Social Darwinism is the norm to survive. I haven't blogged in such a long time, but I will soon enough my dear!!!

I've been superbusy withs school on college aps and ap classes/concurent enrollment. Oh yeah, I just sent my application for FIT so please pray for me!!!! I'll keep you posted and do more things and I hope you had a Happy Turkey Day, till then get ready for pics :D