Fashion Empire in the Making

Fashion Empire in the Making

Monday, November 29, 2010 The Tree, The Bird, The Boy

I've had an obessession with tailored shorts and simple slouchy basic v-necks. In my place, Texas is hot all year-round and occasionally there are some cold fronts to bust out the trench coats and scarves, but here's a simple look; like a school boy which I am :)

Bais V-neck- Gap
Woven leather belt- Thrift Store
The Original Khaki Short- Gap
Suede Combat Boots- Urban Outfitters
Bird two-tone necklace- Room Clothing

I'm just a boy recovering from unbalanced horomones and perfectionist policies with big dreams of becoming a fashion designer!

The Underground: Vintage Collection

The pink and white chiffon dresses were remade from orginal vintage dresses from the 70's.

This was my inspiration: Inspiration- 70’s Chloe, French Vogue 70’s,Los Angeles, Studio 54, the faux peasant life of Marie Antionette, Lily Allen-The Fear, Animal Collective, Javlin, Atlas Sound, Hot Chip

Model- Laura Longoria
Photographer-Angeli Ymbong
Assistant- Beatrix Garcia


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Here's a quick glimpse of a mini collection I did recyling vintage pieces. I was inspired by the lightness and the earthyness of the 70's. Everything was innocent and real for the time, which is something I think we all long for. Everything's so fast paced that Social Darwinism is the norm to survive. I haven't blogged in such a long time, but I will soon enough my dear!!!

I've been superbusy withs school on college aps and ap classes/concurent enrollment. Oh yeah, I just sent my application for FIT so please pray for me!!!! I'll keep you posted and do more things and I hope you had a Happy Turkey Day, till then get ready for pics :D

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Photoshoot for Collection finished in Stylissmo Cebu

More More More, I need to Sketch and Perfect for FIT!!!!!

More Pics, I didn't see the pop-thingy for adding pics, so here's more.

Portfolio and Collection Sketches

Here are some sketches I've been working on, trying to get in to FIT so pray for me and I'll work my butt off to perfect everything sistah!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Experiance with Stylissimo Sessions 2010: More Runway Pics

Back to Reality: I Saw My Dream Happen in the Philippines and miss everything

School started for me last Thursday, but I escaped the 2nd day of school, thanks to my mom's membership with Prime America to go to 5 star resort Marriot JW Resort and Spa in San Antonio. It truly is 5 stars, they have all the amenities: water park, golf park, bars, resturants, Starbucks, Pizza Hut, wi fi, souveneir shops, and not to mention blondes everywhere. They're so skinny, white, blonde, and tan. So moving back, the great interior design and the ambiance has allowed me to reminsce and catch on with my cyber life that I've been wanting.

I miss the Philippines because it's my homeland, where I can be free to be as crazy and shop till I drop in the company of my family and friends. I actually lived my fantasy becuase of the standard of living, which is so cheap (1 US dollar- 46 pesos. I was an adult; I mean 17 is considered an adult and sophomore college. In America,becuase there's middle school I'm a senior in high school. Let's get back to fashion, I liked totally lived and saw my dream of my skteches transformed into creations and walked on the runway!!!! I met and am friends with the top designers in Cebu (Dexter Alazas, Ojo Hofer, PeeWee) and stylists (Valentina), photographers (Jospeh Ong and Chris Gela), and real professional models, not the kind of classmate who is pretty can walk okay but bitchy, but real actual models.

Here's my three-piece collection for fall 10/11: Gothic Rasberries of Utopia
(inspired by perfection, structure, gothica, and religous Catholicism)

First Look for I need to start blogging like seriously

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Blogg entry 1

My team project consists of my teammate of Ussiel and I. there are only 2 of us. Our community service project was to clean up a park. We decided to go to a park on a good sunny day when its not to windy and its not too hot. We choose to go clean the park on a day where it wasn’t raining and we wouldn’t get caught in the rain. We also hoped it hadn’t just rained and wasn’t muddy. What we did was we went on a good day to the park and cleaned it. We picked up all the trash and cleaned the park slides. We both had important roles. There were two main roles. Ussiel’s role was to go around the park picking up the trash and my role was to hold the bag. This project was important because it took a lot of teamwork skills and it bettered our environment.

Monday, February 15, 2010

A Boring, but a necessary Orthodox Entry for School

Okay, so in reality it’s New York Fashion Fall/Winter 2010/2011, but in my scenario it’s Spring 2010. As the FIDM Fashion Club president, my job entails blanked supervision and control over all activities and funds. In essence I am the and all be all, which is superficial but necessary. Anyway, back to the grain of the crop: the club is producing another fashion show for spring in ode to the late 60’s and early 70’s. Romantic textures, chiffons, organic linens, transparency, pastels, and black filter the inspiration. As for accessories, I’m lusting over bib necklaces with sating ribbons, pearls, and jewels of very facet and galore, sparkling in the midst of light. We’ve got to pull the clothes and reinvent or rather revive purchased vintage pieces from Haute Trash (local boutique in the Art District; love the owner, nonchalant ambience with a dashy of hippie earth/Animal Collective sort of thing with posters from Vogue and W) and the thrift store. I found a leather Coach bag ($16) and a gold onyx bib necklace for $4! There’s a certain smell confided to the archival pieces, which prompted me to anoint anti-bacterial. Room Clothing is another fabulous boutique that I'm collaborating with. It's an Indie/High Fashion meets the street style plethora of runway pieces with that SOHO touch. Furthermore, there’s plenty to do in terms of business and artistic collaboration. Need to plan and secure tickets for LA at the FIDM Runway Debut ASAP!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Look Book at My School

So, at Idea Quest College Preparatory, the home of my educational career, where I am the FIDM Fashion Club President and a part of the National Honor Society, I actually happen to also run a Look Book column. The collage above showcases my BFF, Guinia Wooden, my sister, Angeli Ymbong, and yours truly. I have had several spasms to create and profess my love for fashion.

Here in the Rio Grande Valley, South Texas fashion and art in general has its limitations.There are certain opportunities were Indies and artists alike congregate on the streets of downtown every Friday of the first to month to celebrate and sell art; the virtual "Art Walk." Recently skies have been banal grey as ever with temperatures reaching to 33 degrees, quite unusual for a tropical place. Don't get me wrong, I love the cold and was born Germany and lived in Milwaukee, Wisconsin but sometimes one develops immunity to the tropics. But wait a minute, as Byranboy says: "From one fur hag to another, I promise to wear fur when it gets cold."

Outift credits:

First Look:On the Run
Navy Camp-shirt from Gap
Satin Purple tie from Micheal Kors
Over-sized Louis Vuitton Sunglasses
Lime Green Tote from Singer Sewing Class
Feng Shui onyx bracelet for protection against stress, negativity, and activation in leadership skills

Second look: Daniel is Carrie Bradshaw on New Year's
Chromatography Black and Grey Cardigan from Perry Ellis
Grey Skinny tie with shine from Macy's
Satin Skinny Trousers from Express
Red meets the Burgandy Dress Shirt from Express

Angeli Ymbong:Gender Bender becomes Lady of the Mode
Navy Campshirt from Gap from my Closet
Leather belt of no name, but still fabulous
Red tights
Knitted crey beanie

Guinia Wooden: Catpower is the Balmain
Boyfriend Blazer from Dots
Sky Blue Shirt with frills from Kohl's
Multi Chains from Warehouse 503
Snakeskin Pleather leggings from Khol's
Studded bootys from Dots

Runway Pics:

Anna Selensanova (Russia) for Balmain Spring 2010

Phi Ads for Fall 09/10 I can't believe they're closing down!
My favorite Russian Trinity: Natasha Poly, Sasha Pivovarova, and Anna Selensanova, if only they also featured the Runway Godess Vlada, I would be elated even more!