Fashion Empire in the Making

Fashion Empire in the Making

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Here's the New Look that I'm going for:

Alright, so for those who have known me, I submitted myself to society and acted like a 50 year-old man dressed in corporate clothes. I'm gonna channel Bryanboy and the runway.

New Year's Resoultions and Wishlist

1. Go to the gym every Friday to hack off the man boobs and love handles
2. Vow to study harder, faster, better, and stronger
3. Get on the sewing machine and start a new project
4. Market this new blog and do everything to make it wonderous
5. Complete the look with a plethora of: colored tailored shorts, bow ties, skinny ties, skinny trousers, aged brown lace-ups, and vintage man purses
6. Go to the Philippines to renew my soul and actually refine my sewing skills to make clothes and lots of it for my next fashion show

New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2010:

New York for this season exemplified the concept of merry pastels to cut-out paper doll shift dresses. Pastel colors filled the runways of Michael Kors in hues of sea-foam green and baby blue, with Oscar de la Renta exploring the safari girl of the 40’s meets 20’s in shades of lilac and mint green done in silk gazar. Extraordinarily designers were once again optimistic to the worsening news, tuning to Lady Gaga and her defiance to be who she is. Vera Wang unveiled her collection in here newly installed boutique, only to find a fabulous plethora of stark minimalism in back-draped dresses with sparkling jewels and knotted necklaces. Younger designers like Zac Posen chose to step out of the much traditional Bryant Park into smaller venues, where rose pink pastel dominated the catwalk. It’s a black and white moment for women. You wear shorts or pants, or the above the knee dresses. Skirts are out for the fashion divas this season. You’re a robot now in these times, so pump up the look with Lucite cuffs and oversized beads or bib necklaces.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Novice of Blogs Begins to Walk

I'm starting off with my own blog. No one really reads it and I need followers and subscribers, but darling fabulous I'm on it. The Christmas holiday is over and the stress is kicking back to study for exams. I have got boatloads of homework waiting for to do, which is totally laborious. Anyways push come to shove, I'm on the road to towards a fashion explosion of all my virtual fantasies and perpetual comments of fashion expertise, drowned in thoughts of vanity and lust. Cry forth to bird in the cage and show your hands to sky. Lift the feet to touch the ground and filter your mind with the mode.