Fashion Empire in the Making

Fashion Empire in the Making

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Experiance with Stylissimo Sessions 2010: More Runway Pics

Back to Reality: I Saw My Dream Happen in the Philippines and miss everything

School started for me last Thursday, but I escaped the 2nd day of school, thanks to my mom's membership with Prime America to go to 5 star resort Marriot JW Resort and Spa in San Antonio. It truly is 5 stars, they have all the amenities: water park, golf park, bars, resturants, Starbucks, Pizza Hut, wi fi, souveneir shops, and not to mention blondes everywhere. They're so skinny, white, blonde, and tan. So moving back, the great interior design and the ambiance has allowed me to reminsce and catch on with my cyber life that I've been wanting.

I miss the Philippines because it's my homeland, where I can be free to be as crazy and shop till I drop in the company of my family and friends. I actually lived my fantasy becuase of the standard of living, which is so cheap (1 US dollar- 46 pesos. I was an adult; I mean 17 is considered an adult and sophomore college. In America,becuase there's middle school I'm a senior in high school. Let's get back to fashion, I liked totally lived and saw my dream of my skteches transformed into creations and walked on the runway!!!! I met and am friends with the top designers in Cebu (Dexter Alazas, Ojo Hofer, PeeWee) and stylists (Valentina), photographers (Jospeh Ong and Chris Gela), and real professional models, not the kind of classmate who is pretty can walk okay but bitchy, but real actual models.

Here's my three-piece collection for fall 10/11: Gothic Rasberries of Utopia
(inspired by perfection, structure, gothica, and religous Catholicism)

First Look for I need to start blogging like seriously