Fashion Empire in the Making

Fashion Empire in the Making

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Blogg entry 1

My team project consists of my teammate of Ussiel and I. there are only 2 of us. Our community service project was to clean up a park. We decided to go to a park on a good sunny day when its not to windy and its not too hot. We choose to go clean the park on a day where it wasn’t raining and we wouldn’t get caught in the rain. We also hoped it hadn’t just rained and wasn’t muddy. What we did was we went on a good day to the park and cleaned it. We picked up all the trash and cleaned the park slides. We both had important roles. There were two main roles. Ussiel’s role was to go around the park picking up the trash and my role was to hold the bag. This project was important because it took a lot of teamwork skills and it bettered our environment.

Monday, February 15, 2010

A Boring, but a necessary Orthodox Entry for School

Okay, so in reality it’s New York Fashion Fall/Winter 2010/2011, but in my scenario it’s Spring 2010. As the FIDM Fashion Club president, my job entails blanked supervision and control over all activities and funds. In essence I am the and all be all, which is superficial but necessary. Anyway, back to the grain of the crop: the club is producing another fashion show for spring in ode to the late 60’s and early 70’s. Romantic textures, chiffons, organic linens, transparency, pastels, and black filter the inspiration. As for accessories, I’m lusting over bib necklaces with sating ribbons, pearls, and jewels of very facet and galore, sparkling in the midst of light. We’ve got to pull the clothes and reinvent or rather revive purchased vintage pieces from Haute Trash (local boutique in the Art District; love the owner, nonchalant ambience with a dashy of hippie earth/Animal Collective sort of thing with posters from Vogue and W) and the thrift store. I found a leather Coach bag ($16) and a gold onyx bib necklace for $4! There’s a certain smell confided to the archival pieces, which prompted me to anoint anti-bacterial. Room Clothing is another fabulous boutique that I'm collaborating with. It's an Indie/High Fashion meets the street style plethora of runway pieces with that SOHO touch. Furthermore, there’s plenty to do in terms of business and artistic collaboration. Need to plan and secure tickets for LA at the FIDM Runway Debut ASAP!